PGMO Attorneys Inc

About PGMO

Our team possesses a wealth of experience tailored to meet your diverse needs. PGMO Attorneys is an independent and dynamic law firm primarily comprised of accomplished women lawyers. We specialize in delivering professional legal services to individuals, associates, groups, private and public companies, as well as government departments. Our firm primarily operates within South Africa.

The potential major client base encompasses institutional and corporate clients seeking to leverage the firm’s expertise. As a result, our clients enjoy the following facets of our extensive experience in the legal field:

  • Professional legal services of a superior standard
  • Informed and practical legal expertise within the commercial realm
  • Safeguarding clients’ interests during conflict resolution through both traditional litigation and alternative methods; providing innovative, practical, and cost-effective services by seamlessly integrating transactional and dispute resolution skills with legislative and regulatory capabilities.

We take pride in contributing to the upliftment and empowerment of previously disadvantaged individuals through our involvement in community development projects, such as low-cost housing, and active participation in Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) initiatives, particularly those focused on youth development.

PGMO Attorneys, Kimberley, Corporate, Commercial, and Penal Services provided by a Law Firm prioritizing your needs above all else.

Our Vision

Comprising a compact yet exceptionally intelligent and articulate team, we are dedicated, hardworking, and energized, with a singular focus on attaining success for our corporate, entrepreneurial, and high-net-worth individual clients. In our demanding, deadline-oriented setting, mutual support is a cornerstone, and meticulous attention to detail is our commitment, ensuring the delivery of efficient and cost-effective legal support for both colleagues and clients.


The guiding principle of our firm is to establish itself as the premier independent black women-owned law firm in the country, offering unparalleled legal services across all domains.

In specific cases, we believe in augmenting our knowledge and resource base by cultivating collaborative relationships with other law firms, both domestically and internationally, whether through consortia or associations. We aim to enrich our firm’s cross-jurisdictional expertise by seconding staff to the offices of international associates, particularly those involved in joint projects with National Bar Association members through the Black Lawyers Association’s exchange program.

Our international profile expansion is pursued through the following avenues:

  • Mutual referrals of work
  • Correspondent work referrals
  • Joint handling of more intricate matters, benefiting both firms and ultimately the client
  • Participation in bids for specific government projects
  • Engagement in commercial business

With the necessary expertise, we are equipped to advise governments, parastatals, and the private sector on the legal structuring of major projects, especially when collaborating within a consortium.