PGMO Attorneys Inc

Our Areas of Practice


Our range of responsibilities aligns with the specific needs of the client and encompasses:

  • Managing day-to-day general inquiries
  • Corporate and commercial work, with a focus on property law
  • Handling matters related to the law of contract and delict
  • Addressing issues within the scope of labor law
  • Participating in coordination meetings to discuss pending legal matters and delivering concise presentations on developments in the property industry or broader aspects impacting the client and its business
  • Engaging in litigation, including the provision of legal opinions
  • Offering updates on legal Acts, articles, and reported case law.

Professional legal services of the highest standard

Our services

PGMO Attorneys provides professional services and expertise, outlined as follows:


These services form a substantial component of our firm’s practice. Our adept professional team, equipped with both academic qualifications and practical experience, is proficient in managing a comprehensive spectrum of services, with speciality in fields of:

  • Magistrates Court, High Court, Civil and
  • Criminal Litigation
  • Road Accident Fund Litigation
  • Family Law Litigation
  • Maintenance Court Litigation
  • Children’s Court Litigation
  • Interdicts Court Litigation
  • Company Law (Sequestrations & Insolvency)
  • Labour law
  • State Liability Act
  • Mining Law
  • Notarial Practice
  • Contractual law
  • Commercial law
  • Evictions
  • Estate Administration
  • Notarial practice
  • Conveyancing
PGMO Attorneys, Kimberley, Corporate, Commercial, and Penal Services provided by a Law Firm prioritizing your needs above all else.